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iPhone client for WordPress

July 27th, 2008 — 1:30am

It’s possible that the availability of an iphone client for WordPress will make me more likely to write here, in the same way that the availability of a saw in my garage will make me likely to build an armoire. Still, how can l keep from trying it?

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Sunnyvale is sunny

July 24th, 2008 — 1:46pm

I kept hoping that at some point in the first week in California we’d feel settled enough that I’d be able to report intelligibly. Alas, no such luck. But:

  • As of today, we’re finally out of a hotel, and into our rented house in Sunnyvale; our stuff arrived in too many boxes yesterday.
  • It’s really nice out here.
  • Sometimes I say things on

More in a bit. I keep saying that.

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