Email bankruptcy

People I worked with at the Library of Congress will recall that I ran around, during the last week of May, babbling “andy at boyko dot net” to anyone who would listen. The sad fact is, in the few months since that episode, I have been almost totally incapable of answering emails to that address, for various reasons, some good, some not. I’m on the verge of declaring email bankruptcy.

For some inexplicable reason, though, Twitter is working for me. Maybe it’s the rugged good looks of Twitterriffic that keep me coming back; more likely, it’s the fact that I’m forced to actually keep it short, unlike the emails I tend to inflict on people once I get going.

So anyhow, yeah, sorry I’ve been incommunicado; let’s chalk it up to technical difficulties, and start over via IM and Twitter.

So: hi, everyone.


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