What happened here?

Well, it’s certainly unexpected meeting you here. How have you been, Internet? Good? Good, good.

So, do you really think Twitter is digging its own grave, lately, what with the alienating of the 3rd-party-client-loving nerds lately? Interesting. Hmm.

What? No, actually, I deleted my Facebook account (for the second time), a couple weeks ago. Let’s face it: for an introvert, that site is worse than dentistry.

But, so, this? Just passing through.

You look good, though. Real good.

Also, did you know a whole lot of Dreamhost sites had recently been hacked to add subtle advertisements on page footers? I didn’t. Should you be a similar cheapskate hosting-wise, then finding files named 403.php and links.db should make you suspicious with a quickness.

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